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Friday, April 15, 2011

A Brief Introduction To My Appalachian Life

For years, I have avoided starting a blog about life in Appalachia in general and my life in Appalachia in particular.  But I have finally come to the conclusion that I have experience which can be valuable and useful to other Appalachians and the general public.  I have lived and worked most of my life in the Southern Appalachian region.  I have been taught and mentored by many of the best known writers and thinkers in Appalachia.  I have published a limited number of works about Appalachia and Appalachian life.  I have a clearly thought out philosophy about Appalachia, Appalachian Life, Appalachian Literature, Counseling and Social Work in Appalachia, and the myriad of problems which Appalachians face both within the region and in the many areas to which they have traveled to work since the Great Migration began shortly after World War II ended. 

This blog will hopefully provide useful and educational information, teach non-Appalachians about the region in ways which can help to decrease ignorance, debunk myths, and improve two way communication between native Appalachians and the rest of the world.  This blog is also likely to be a work in progress which may change in ways both subtle and major.  I will add works in the areas of both fiction and non-fiction and hope to be able to address many of the strengths manifested by Appalachians as well as the social problems which trouble us today.  I do not presume to set forth a predictable schedule by which posts will be added.  I do hope to regularly make contributions to the blog.  I strongly encourage input from others who read the work.  I would like to hear stories from readers about their own experiences in Appalachia.  I hope to address topics as diverse as Discrimination Against Appalachians; Appalachian History; Counseling and Social Work In Appalachia; Appalachian Literature and Folk Art; Extractive Industry In Appalachia; and, The Future of Appalachia.  I look forward to what can happen here.  I hope you do too.

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