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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

"The Dangerous Case Of Donald Trump" Edited by Bandy Lee, M. D.---Book Review

 Lee, Bandy, M. D.; M. Div. Editor. The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump (New York, Saint Martin's Press, 2017)

Today I finished reading the most important book in America, "The Dangerous Case Of Donald Trump", edited by Bandy Lee, M. D.; M. Div. and written by 27 of the best, most distinguished psychiatrists in America.  In today's world, I cannot imagine a more important book for any reader to read, devour, memorize, talk about with friends and acquaintances, and pass on to the next reader who might not be able to afford their own copy.  This book arose from a Duty To Warn Conference at the Yale University School of Medicine on April 20, 2017, the transcript of which can be found at this internet address.  I would encourage my readers to not only read the book but also read the conference transcript.  

The conference came about because Dr. Lee and many of her professional colleagues were deeply concerned about the obvious manifestations of serious and dangerous mental illness they were seeing in Donald Trump, whom I generally refer to as TRAITOR & International Terrorist Trump.  Every since 1973, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals with diagnostic certifications had been bound by the Goldwater Rule which is found in Section 7 in the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) Principles of Medical Ethics.  In fairly simplistic words, the Goldwater Rule states that members of the APA may not make public statements or give public diagnostic opinions about the mental health of public figures without having had a formal diagnostic interview with the person in question and having been provided with a release of information giving those professionals permission to make the findings of such a diagnostic interview public.  Dr. Lee and her associates were also deeply concerned about their legal, moral, and ethical obligations under another important concept in American mental health practice, the Duty To Warn, which mandates that a qualified mental health practitioner must take actions to warn potential victims and appropriate law enforcement authorities in the event that they are aware of an individual who has expressed intent to harm others.  The duty to warn arises when a patient has communicated an explicit threat of imminent serious physical harm or death to a clearly identified or identifiable victim or victims, and the patient has the apparent intent and ability to carry out such a threat. Duty to warn arose from a famous legal decision in a liability case known as Tarasoff vs. Regents of the University of California.  In that case, four mental health practitioners had knowledge that a patient intended to harm Tatiana Tarasoff and did nothing to warn Ms. Tarasoff or the local police.  Ms. Tarasoff was murdered by the patient and the practitioners and the University were held liable for her death.  Since that time, every mental health practitioner in America has been bound by the Tarasoff Rule, otherwise known as Duty To Warn.  Hence, Dr. Lee and her colleagues all across America were facing a serious dilemma as to whether or not to warn America and the world about the serious degree of danger they were seeing in Donald Trump as he made more and more serious threats toward various groups of people and individuals including his general election opponent, Hillary Clinton.  Therefore, the Yale Duty to Warn Conference was held, the best psychiatrists in America participated, expressed their opinions, and the most important book in America today was published containing more than twenty of the major articles whose foundations had been presented at the conference.  

Since the publication of the book, "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump", Dr. Lee has met with a large contingent of the US Congress in Washington to discuss the book, its findings, and the need for congress to intervene.  The book has been well received in professional circles and among a large contingent of the well educated and well read public.  But it has not received anywhere near the degree of sales, support, and readership it should.  Much of the content is concerning at least and terrifying at worst.  What I consider to be the most important paragraph in the book was written by Diane Jhueck, L. M. H. C.; D. M. H. P. and I have excerpted it below:
"As the ultimate representative of our nation, Donald J. Trump is normalizing previously outrageous behaviors, negatively impacting everyone from leaders of other nations to our own children.  From the outset of his presidency, although clearly absent a mandate from the population he now governs , he has repeatedly declared himself "the greatest", or "tremendous", or "knowing more than anyone", and other statements consistent with narcissistic personality disorder, with regard to an expectation of being viewed as superior without commensurate achievements" (American Psychiatric Association, 2013, p. 669)  He exhibits extreme denial of any feedback that does not affirm his self-image and psychopathic tendencies, which affords him very limited ability to learn and effectively adjust to the requirements of the office of president.  Rather, he consistently displays a revenge-oriented response to any such feedback.  Holding this office at once feeds his grandiosity and claws at the fragile sense of self underneath it.  His patterns of behavior while in the role of president of the United States have potentially dire impact on ever individual not only in this nation but across the entire globe.  The earth itself is in peril, both from the urgent issues that are not being addressed while an unstable man sits in the Oval Office and by the new urgencies he creates.  Mr. Trump is and has demonstrated himself to be a danger to others--not just one person or a few, but possibly to all others."  The Dangerous Case Of Donald Trump, p. 193

If those words do not strike terror in the heart of the reader, if they do not cause the reader to spring into action in support of America and American Democracy, if those words are not enough, coming from a professional psychiatrist, Diane Jhueck, who is also a recognized expert in the field of assessing dangerous individuals, then  far too great damage has already been done to the American psyche by Donald Trump.  He is a seriously and dangerously mentally ill individual.  He presents the greatest danger to the world in the world today.  Read the book.  Come to understand what these highly credentials are telling you as they practice their Duty To Warn you, me, and the entire world.  Literally, the well-being, the lives of all of us and the entire planet earth depend on it. 

"An Inconvenient Truth"---Comments On A Movie

Only eleven years after it was released and immediately recognized as one of the most important American documentary movies ever made, I finally watched "An Inconvenient Truth" starring former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Al Gore and directed by Davis Guggenheim.  I finally caught the movie on Turner Classic Movies a couple of nights ago.  I had always known that this was one of the more important documentaries ever made and had known that I needed to see it but had never carried through.  Al Gore has devoted his life since the miscarriage of justice in the 2000 Presidential Election to the environmental cause which he had always been actively supporting.  

The movie is a very cogent, well organized, easily understandable discussion of global warming and the potential worldwide disaster which it is likely to cause.  I have known for many years, ever since reading "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson and "The Everglades River Of Grass" by Marjory Stoneman, that the cumulative damage we are doing to the world with industry, overpopulation, and blatant disregard for their inherent damages, that we are at great risk of making many areas of the world uninhabitable and further complicating world overpopulation.  I have also read other books such as "Chomolungma Sings The Blues" by Ed Douglas and "Never Cry Wolf" by Farley Mowat which have furthered my awareness of the potential natural disaster which hangs over our heads.  As the seas rise, more and more densely populated areas along our coasts are prone to become flooded forcing huge populations to move inland in order to survive.  The tiny country of Kiribati has actually moved to buy land from neighboring Fiji in order to relocate their entire population when they become the first nation to be totally inundated by the ocean.  The Maldives are also likely to disappear underwater.  Numerous coastal cities all over the world are likely to loose hundreds of thousands of acres of land over the next few years.  Millions of people will be required to relocate and the total worldwide damage and costs are impossible to calculate.  Kivalina Alaska is also doomed to disappear under water.  

Sadly, at the present, the United States government is being held hostage by a criminal organization which evidence strongly indicates colluded with Russia and is fully committed to continuing and expanding many, if not all, of the practices which are destroying the environment.  They are also fully committed to destroying the Environmental Protection Agency.  Watching "An Inconvenient Truth" has reminded me of many things I already knew about the environment, taught me a great deal of new information, and renewed my commitment to fight for the environment even as we are engaged in the greater and more important fight to save American Democracy from the TRAITOR & International Terrorist Trump and his Russian Owned Criminal Syndicate.  It greatly increases the likelihood of disastrous environmental outcomes to have such an illegitimate and ignorant group actually holding the country and our environmental policies hostage as part of their usurpation of political power with the assistance of Vladimir Putin and Russia.  

Every reader of this blog should make an effort to watch "An Inconvenient Truth" and its sequel "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power" if you have not already seen them.  Additionally, we should all fully commit ourselves to making changes on both micro and macro levels to improve environmental conditions in our communities and the world at large.  Read environmental books.  Watch environmental movies.  Attend speeches by environmental leaders and scientists.  Learn all you can on a daily basis and take some action on a daily basis to help save the world and the human race.       


Saturday, January 13, 2018

"The Running Man Flying High For The Glory Of God" by Orville Rogers with Barbara Norris--Book Review

Roger, Orville with Norris, Barbara, The Running Man Flying High For The Glory Of God (Franklin, Tennessee. Clovercroft Publishing, 2016) 

Orville Rogers was born in relatively poor Oklahoma farm family in 1917 and when he was fairly young his father ran off to never be heard from again until Rogers encountered a half-sister when he was nearly eighty and learned that their father had died drunk in a flop house.  But, with the help of mother, grandparents, and a couple of uncles, Orville Rogers accomplished an exemplary life as a commercial airline pilot, oilfield investor, a volunteer pilot for a religious organization upon his retirement, a board member of a couple of religious organizations, and a world record holding elderly runner. He is still alive today at 100 and managed to run a mile on his last birthday. I chose to read this book, which is outside my normal purview, after seeing Orville Rogers featured on a television news show as he approached his centennial.  I always respect and pay attention to elderly achievers and did so even when I could not have been thought to be even approaching that aged status.  I still remember the well known Old Regular Baptist Preacher Clabe Mosley who was said to have preached a three hour sermon on his 102nd birthday when I was only 7 years old.  I have also come to understand that if I wish to live as long as two of my half-sisters and reach centenarian status that I must exercise and maintain as much of my physical condition as I can.  Orville Rogers did not begin running until he was about sixty and is still doing so today although not at the same pace at which he set several senior citizen records.  I thought Orville's book might be something I could learn from in the field of physical fitness for the aged.

The book was written with a named ghost writer, Barbara Norris, and I am not a fan of ghost written books.  But at 97 or 98, I can understand why Orville Rogers might have thought it was wise to use a professional writer if for no other reason than to ensure that the job would be finished in the event he died.  I am only superficially aware of Clovercroft Publishing, the vanity press which Rogers and Norris used to produce the book.  But the book itself is professionally acceptable in terms of printing, paper, photographic reproduction, and most other areas.  It does have a typical amount of typographical errors which one is likely to find in books from such companies.  

Orville Rogers led a sufficiently interesting life to keep me reading until the end when, at times, I knew I had better things to do with my time.   The book moves along in a manner which keeps the reader awake without ever approaching the status of literature.  Rogers and Norris tell his life story in a direct timeline fashion from poor Oklahoma farm boy to millionaire pilot, investor, runner, and religious believer.  But, for my original purpose of learning about physical fitness for the elderly, the book fall short.  It simply discusses how Rogers met Kenneth H. Cooper, M. D., who runs the Cooper Clinic in Dallas and wrote the early physical fitness book "Aerobics" in 1968 and has been a well known proponent of running and physical fitness for many years.  The book virtually leaves training routines untouched and focuses primarily on the religious life of Orville Rogers.  Shortly after I read the book, I saw in the media that Orville Rogers family threw a major birthday party for his 100th birthday and collectively ran a hundred miles in his honor with Mr. Rogers joining his family for the last mile.  It is good to know that even at 100 he has not given up running in which field he holds several world records for competitors in their 80's and 90's.  

If you are seeking an autobiography about an airline pilot or a religious believer and volunteer, you will find this book worth reading.  If you are looking for literature or advice or running, don't bother.  But I still hope Orville Rogers lives another hundred years and runs every day of his life. 


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Second Amendment As It Is Written

On January 3, 2013, I wrote and published a post entitled One Appalachian Man's Opinion Of Gun Control which since that time has consistently been one of my most read and most commented upon posts on this blog.  Naturally, there have only been two opinions expressed about that blog post, either I am a genius or I am an idiot who wants to forever damage the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and have the government take away every gun everybody in America owns.  Since that post was written, the four worst mass shootings in American history have taken place.  The post was actually written in response to the Newtown School Shooting on December 14, 2012, which killed 28 people if we include the shooter and his mother. It is only natural to include all the dead after a mass shooting.  But we still do not  have a consistently used and solidly defined understanding of what constitutes a mass shooting.  The verbiage varies from at least three victims shot but not necessarily killed to three or four dead shooting victims.  Since many murder suicides involve spouses or life partners and are generally limited to two dead, most murder suicides do not fall into anyone's commonly used definition of a mass shooting unless they involve several other victims besides the shooter such as children or other relatives.  Another truly bizarre quirk in our examinations of mass shootings and other forms of mass murder such as bombings, arson, and vehicular homicide is that the media and police almost never use the words "terror", "terrorism", or "act of terror" unless the event is perpetrated by a non-white, non-citizen, non-Christian who has expressed some belief in some form of government or religion which is not prevalent in American society.  It is my considered professional opinion, both as a writer and a retired mental health professional, that all mass murders are acts of terror.  No one with good sense would ever approach a survivor of such an act or a relative of one of the victims and argue the point that an event which killed four or more victims was not an act of terror.  All murders, all attacks of any form which kill or seriously injure multiple victims are terrorizing to the victims, witnesses, other intended victims, survivors, first responders, and family members of those murdered or injured.  As a society we need to broaden our definitions of terrorism and acts of terror.  If Porky Pig became enraged due to rabies or having eaten poisonous food and marched into his local mall and killed, maimed, or otherwise injured a dozen people we should and probably would call it an act of terror because Porky Pig is not like the rest of us or his human victims.  But if a Right Wing Religious lunatic who is Caucasian, a self professed "Christian", and an auxiliary deputy  in his local sheriff's department lost his mind and shot and murdered his wife and three children, it is highly unlikely that any form or media or any police spokesperson would call that an act of terror. That is a serious flaw in our reporting, policing, and analytical perspectives.  We must recognize that terror and terrorism do not need to be committed by a Muslim, an African American, an immigrant, or a Rastafarian in order to be terrorism.  Any murder, whether by gunfire, bombing, automobile, stabbing, or poisoning terrorizes both the victim and her family and friends as well as any witnesses to the act.  

I regularly refer to the website Gun Violence Archive when I am seeking information about gun violence, mass murder, or murder statistics in America.  They are the best, most impartial, and most accurate website in the nation in the field of gun violence statistics.  As I am writing this blog post on January 2, 2018, there have already been 138 gun violence incidents with 50 deaths and 83 injuries in less than two days in America.  If you do not believe or understand it, that is far too many incidents, deaths and injuries in what is supposed to be the most civilized country in the world.  In Australia, the country most people commonly think of as being a great deal like America, there have been no mass shootings since a wide ranging change in their laws following the worst mass shooting in the country in 1996 which killed 35 people and wounded 23 more.  Strong gun laws worked in Australia.  They will work in the United States and the 2nd Amendment gives the judicial and legislative branches of government full power to regulate guns and their ownership and usage in America.  

There is something deeply flawed morally, ethically, legally, and religiously in any country which will not take appropriate actions to prevent the murder of 15,000 people and the unnecessary maiming of 30,000 others a year.  The language of the 2nd Amendment is this:
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The National Rifle Association has managed, by spending hundreds of millions of advertising dollars and buying the support of thousands of elected officials, to perpetrate the mistaken belief that the government does not have the right to regulate gun  ownership.  The US Constitution is a living document and the US Supreme Court has the right to interpret that document to fit the needs of a changing world.  The phrase "well regulated militia" gives the courts and legislatures full rights to regulate all guns, gun ownership and use, and all auxiliary paraphernalia related to their use.  Both guns and automobiles can be and are used to commit murder, mayhem, and mass injuries and death all across America.  We regulate automobiles and their use from sea to shining sea and we regularly change the laws to meet the needs of the country as is taking place at this time in response to self-driving automobiles. Every state in the union requires registration, insurance, and a drivers license to own and operate a motor vehicle.  But anytime any courageous legislator or judge steps to the plate and makes an honest attempt to regulate guns a public outcry occurs and the National Rifle Association and its well trained members scream, yell, lobby, and threaten to riot in order to prevent life saving progress.  As a nation, we need to re-educate our populace and our legislators to the need for comprehensive federal gun control legislation.  We need to replace any elected official who will not support that effort.  We need to fund organizations which are fighting to improve gun control legislation and we need to lobby both individually and collectively until that legislation is enacted.  

I propose the following changes to US gun control laws and I propose that they be enacted immediately.  However, I am not naive enough to believe this can happen today, tomorrow, or even this year.  But it must happen step by step. 

  1. All guns must be required to be registered.
  2. All transfers in gun ownership must require a background check conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and that should include transfers of ownership within families in cases of estate management and gifting.  
  3. Those background checks must include all sales at gun shows.  The gun show loophole must be eliminated.
  4. All gun ownership should require the owner to complete and pass a basic gun safety course with testing as a requirement to pass the course. 
  5. Gun ownership by convicted felons, the mentally ill, and those convicted of any crime of violence should be illegal.
  6. All fully automatic guns should be illegal in the country except for use and ownership by legally constituted police agencies functioning as an arm of a federal, state, city, or county government.   
  7. All appurtenances such as bump stocks and modified firing mechanisms which can be used to make a gun fully automatic should be illegal. 
  8. All parts required to compose a working gun capable of firing, sometimes known as ghost guns, should be illegal for sale unless they carry a registered serial number and require the same permits, clearances and record keeping as complete guns.   
  9. The creation of all firearms or any other mechanism capable of firing a bullet or missile of any kind via the use of printers should be illegal with a minimum prison sentence upon conviction.
  10. No magazines holding more than five rounds should be legal.  
  11. Armor piercing or "cop killer" ammunition must be illegal. 
  12. Ownership of all forms of military weapons such as grenade launchers, flame throwers, and rocket launchers should be illegal.
  13. All guns seized in the commission of a crime should be impounded by the police and courts and held until the complete legal process in the case has been completed up to and including the expiration of appeals timelines.  Upon conviction and expiration of the appeals process, all weapons used in the commission of a crime should be required to be destroyed the state police in the state in question. 

     I realize most of the ideas expressed in this essay are not going to be well received by supporters of unrestricted gun ownership.  That is fine with me.  We, as a nation, must become willing to listen to the uproar until such time as education and legislation have eliminated the need for these actions.  

Saturday, December 30, 2017

"Screaming With The Cannibals" by Lee Maynard---Book Review

Maynard, Lee: Screaming With The Cannibals (Morgantown, WV Vandalia Press 2003)

Lee Maynard Photo by Huntington Herald-Dispatch

Until Lee Maynard's recent death on June 16, 2017, I had never read any of his work.  Maynard was, and will always be, a controversial figure in the world of literature in West Virginia and Appalachia.  His first published work, "Crum", was actually banned from sale for a time at the Tamarack Center in Beckley, WV, due to its perceived extreme negativity to Crum, WV, Maynard's hometown, and to West Virginia and Appalachia in general. Most of the West Virginia and Appalachian writers who have been my mentors and friends also held Maynard in contempt for the same reason.  We rarely, if ever, discussed him or his work.  And generally, to a person, we never bothered to read his work. Coincidentally, Maynard's death occurred just a few days before my 25th anniversary with my wife Candice and we had already planned a three day trip to West Virginia where we had been married.  I made a commitment to read some of the work of Lee Maynard based on some positive comments my friend, Cat Pleska, had made in an obituary which was published in the Huntington Herald Dispatch the week of his death.  Luckily, the first of his books which I read was "The Pale Light of Sunset: Scattershots and Hallucinations In An Imagined Life", a collection of essays and selections from other books which I consider to be some of his best work.  It also lacks much of the negative discussion of West Virginia and Appalachia which is prevalent in much of his other work including "Screaming With The Cannibals" which is actually the work we are discussing in this review.  I will repeat my prior statements and say that I might well have not read any more of his work if "Crum" had been the first of his books to receive my attention.  

"Screaming With The Cannibals" is the second work in the "Crum" trilogy which has generally been conceded to be fictionalized autobiography.  As the novel opens, the protagonist, Jesse, is hitchhiking out of Crum, West Virginia, Maynard's home town on the banks of the Tug River.  I will also repeat my disclosure from earlier blog posts that I know that area quite well since I lived for about five years in Williamson and Logan in Mingo and Logan Counties and worked that entire time as a door to door salesman in nearly a dozen counties in Southern West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky on both sides of the Tug River.  Maynard's character leaves Crum to be picked up by a man driving a farm truck across the bridge on the two states' border at Williamson.  It is a bridge I crossed countless thousands of times.  Jesse is offered a job on the Kentucky farm on which his newly met friend is employed.  

Maynard's tendency to disparage West Virginia is spread equally well over Kentucky during the time the character is working there.  But somehow, I have managed to overlook Maynard's attacks on Appalachia based on the quality of much of his writing.  His work is well worth reading.  It falls short of great literature but it is genuine literature and deserves its place in the pantheon of Appalachian Literature.  The thought has suddenly occurred to me that I might have come to appreciate Lee Maynard for the same reasons that, as a mental health and substance abuse therapist, I was a fan of the Gestalt Therapy of Fritz Perls.  Both men and their works tend to raise the ire of many of their readers.  They generate reactions which are impossible to conceal.  They are cathartic.  The title of "Screaming With The Cannibals" comes from Maynard's discussion of some fundamentalist or Pentecostal  religious believers with which his character interacts in the novel.  I also must disclose that I have spent numerous hours in the company, the homes, and the churches of serpent handling believers in Appalachia and understand Pentecostalism and Holiness religion quite well.  

Jesse becomes involved with the wife of a neighbor who lives near his employer.  The employer has previously given Jesse an aged and abandoned motorcycle which a former farm hand left in his barn.  As the affair becomes common knowledge, Jesse manages to get the motorcycle to run and leaves Kentucky for coastal South Carolina where he is befriended by the residents of a small African American community.  This section of the novel exposes the reader to two subjects about which Maynard often produces his best work: sex scenes and motorcycles.  The protagonist and the housewife have a highly unusual encounter on a running farm tractor and the character leaves Kentucky riding an aged and limping motorcycle.  Life in South Carolina also goes awry involving conflict with a local personification of the old fashioned, abusive, and dangerous small town police officer and Jesse heads west. The conflict with the South Carolina law man is precipitated in large part due to the local racism and Jesse's close relationships with the African Americans. In this section, Maynard takes a clear stand against racism and discrimination and is probably the most political writing in his entire body of work.

In some ways, this book will inflame the devout Appalachian loyalist.  But it will also have moments that make you glad you read it.  Take it on with an open mind, read it and the other two portions of the "Crum" trilogy in sequence, maintain an impartial attitude, and take me at my word that if you read enough of Maynard's works you will come to understand that, in spite of his periodic defamation of West Virginia and Appalachia, he did actually love the state and the region.  But it was a love, like that of many family members toward each other, which was based on a lifetime of interactions not all of which had been positive.  But Lee Maynard did, in my professional opinion, long for a family dinner on the holidays somewhere in Southern West Virginia and did, in actuality, sometimes ride his motorcycle home from the Desert Southwest to visit his home state.  He always attended the annual West Virginia Writers Conference and was well respected by those who knew him well in Appalachia.  He did think of himself as a West Virginian.  So should you!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

No Republican Should Ever Be Unopposed

As I have watched the ongoing damage to America and American Democracy which has been perpetrated by the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump and the  Right Wing Radical Repugnicans over the last year, I have become more and more convinced of an opinion which I have held for nearly all my life.  That opinion is that if American Democracy, individual constitutional rights, and the common welfare are to be protected for the long run we must guarantee that the Republican Party be prevented from ever exercising the degree of power over our governments, federal, state, county, city, and local at all levels, which they have exercised over the last several years.  At every level of government over the last ten to twenty years, we have seen broad ranging attacks on all levels and divisions of government which have been productive for individual citizens, especially citizens who are not among the upper classes financially.  

In my own county of Morgan County Kentucky, we suffered from the crimes of a Republican County Judge Executive who is currently serving a seven year sentence in the federal prison system for thefts of government funds following the West Liberty Tornado of 2012.  At the state level in Kentucky, we are currently involved in a sexual abuse scandal involving several Republican Legislators including one, Dan Johnson, an alleged minister, who committed suicide rather than face the consequences of his actions.  Another, the Republican Speaker of the State House, Jeff Hoover, was forced to resign from his leadership post after his harassment of a female employee became public.  At least three other Republican state legislators have also been implicated in this scandal.  The Kentucky Republican Governor Matt Bevin has demanded that all these legislators resign although it seems likely that his motivation for that demand is based much more on his desire to be able to appoint their replacements from his own loyal cadre of Right Wing Radical Repugnicans who would acquiesce to his desires.  Kentucky is also suffering from Bevin's attempts to destroy Obama Care coverage in the state even though more than 800,000 Kentuckians now have health care for the first time in their lives due to the program.  Bevin has also cost the University of Louisville tremendously by his unconstitutional efforts to remake their board in his own image.  Thankfully, Kentucky has been blessed with a Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear who has consistently litigated in defense of the citizens of Kentucky having won many of those cases.  

And of course at the national level, we are embroiled in the worst constitutional crisis in the history of the country due to the Russian manipulation of the American electoral process which has resulted in the installation of a Russian Owned Criminal Syndicate in the White House under the reputed direction of the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Donald Trump.   The election results in the South Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin areas were all statistical anomalies which could only be explained by some form of tampering.  The evidence at this time all points toward Russian hacking under the orders of Vladimir Putin in support of the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump.  Additionally, we have seen a plethora of actions on the part of the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump which are intended to damage and destabilize our allies all around the world.  His retweeting of Right Wing Radical propaganda in England has greatly increased tensions in Britain and significantly increased the likelihood of other terrorist acts against the duly constituted government there.  He has also seriously damaged the budget of the United Nations by arranging to force a $285million budget cut.  If this cut remains in place, it will greatly damage peace keeping missions, health care programs, food assistance programs, education programs, and hundreds of other UN efforts to improve the world especially in developing countries.  It is my considered professional opinion that this effort is deliberate and part of a plan being directed by Vladimir Putin under the management of the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump.  The stated intent to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem has already destabilized the entire Middle East and is also a part of that plan.  All our Arabic allies and Israel also have been destabilized by riots and the likelihood of another Middle Eastern war have been greatly increased due purely to this announcement.  God only knows what else is likely to arise from the minds of these people if they are allowed to remain in charge of American policy.  

Domestically, the attacks from the Russian Owned Criminal Syndicate under the management of the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump are just as malicious and deliberate as the international acts of terrorism discussed above.  More than three months after the Puerto Rican disaster, those American citizens are suffering without help from the White House purely because they are Hispanic and voted against TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump. In Texas, for no logical reason, hurricane victims are suffering without adequate assistance even though Texans voted in favor of TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump. 

In Kansas, elected Right Wing Radical Repugnicans took bizarre legislative actions which destroyed the state economy.  Sadly, those very actions are one of the models which federally elected Republicans want to inflict on the entire country.  Sadly, they have accomplished much of that aim with their much ballyhooed and highly dangerous "tax cut bill" of 2017.  That legislation will reward the rich and corporations at the expense of the working class, children, students, elderly, ill, infirm, and immigrants.  Republican legislators have also expressed the desire to attack Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, environmental protections, and the National Parks System in the coming year.  The Republican Party, in all its many disguises and manifestations, must not be allowed to get away with these efforts to destroy the rights of the many in order to reward the uncaring few.  

In order to prevent further such disasters,  no Republican running for public office should ever be allowed to run without Democratic opposition.  Conscientious, dedicated, committed, and qualified members of the Resistance and the  Democratic Party must step up, take action, register and run for every elected office at stake in the entire country.  No Republican candidate should ever be allowed to run unopposed, unconfronted, or undefeated.  The entire body of constitutional rights, individual freedoms, and American Democracy itself are at stake over the next few years.  The Democratic Party must recruit, train, and financially support these candidates.  The Democratic Party must design a national program of computer security to guarantee the protection of both party and governmental computer systems from Russian and Republican attacks.  The TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump has proven that there is no crime which these people and the Russians who support them will not commit in order to destroy America and American Democracy.  It is solely up to the American people to stop these white collar terrorists and their criminal efforts.  


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Reflections On A Dismal Year In America 2017

Roughly eleven months ago, America was preparing for a transition which I foresaw as and which has proven to be one of the most problematic shifts in collective thought this country has ever suffered.  As we were rolling toward January 20, 2017, the last day of the administration of President Barack Obama and the first day of the illegal occupation of the White House by a minion of Vladimir Putin and Russia which was achieved through the Internet manipulation of both the electorate and the electoral process by Russian Hackers working under the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin and in favor of the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Donald Trump.  I said then and I repeat now that the best action that could have been taken in defense of American Democracy would have been if the Joint Chiefs Of Staff had staged a military coup, installed a temporary president and set a new election about a year later which could have been monitored and protected from Russian interference.  

Since January 20, 2017, we have seen a concerted attack on many aspects of American Democracy and American life.  Nearly all our individual branches of government are under attack and facing destruction from the very officials who have been appointed to run them.  The State Department is seeing unprecedented departures from career diplomats without even minimal replacements.  Those diplomats are leaving government service because they understand that the very institution of the State Department is being hamstrung by the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Donald Trump and his appointed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who has ties, if that is possible, which are even closer to Russia than those of his illegally installed employer.  

The Department of Education is being systematically destroyed by  Betsey De Vos, a member of the notorious family which built Amway, one of the worst criminal enterprises in the history of American business.  She is a proponent of religious based charter schools which are a clear cut violation of the separation of church and state.  

The Environmental Protection Agency is now under the destructive management of one of its worst enemies in the history of the agency, Scott Pruitt.  Pruitt's law career prior to his installation as Director of EPA was centered around his long term history of filing law suits to prevent the EPA from doing its legally constituted work of protecting the citizenry and the land from destruction.  Now he is committed to destroying the agency from within.  He is one of worst cases of a Trojan Horse in the history of mankind.  

The TRAITOR and International Terrorist Donald Trump has kept America teetering on the brink of war with North Korea the entire time he has been allowed to illegally occupy the White House.  His inflammatory language toward North Korea and most of the rest of the world has been consistently intended to inflame, enrage, and endanger most of the world.   There has also been a pattern of actions which appear intended to destabilize our closest allies all  over the world.  Very early in the his occupation (I use the word "occupation" in the military sense) of the White House, the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Donald Trump became involved in highly insulting and damaging telephone calls to the Prime Minister of Australia and the President of Mexico.  He also insulted the most powerful woman in the world, German Prime Minister Angela Merkel.  Most recently, this TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump has stated he intends to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem which has inflamed the entire Arabic world and made the likelihood of war in the Middle East much more likely. To their eternal credit, the members nations of the United Nations voted overwhelmingly to condemn this action.  He has also retweeted posts from the most militant group in England which has enraged the English populace and increased tensions all across Britain. He has also recently managed to force a budget cut of $285million on the UN which endangers peace keeping, food crisis, and health care programs all over the world.  These acts are far too numerous and structured to be minor mistakes.  They are part of a plan and the purpose of the plan is clearly the destabilization of our allies all around the world.  It is my belief that there is a plan originating in Moscow with Vladimir Putin which is being carried out by the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump due to his indebtedness to Putin and Russia.
There have also been a few bright and positive moments  in the country in the past year.  But they are too few, too far between, and too hampered by the inaction of thousands of elected officials all across America.  The Russia Investigation of former FBI Director Robert Mueller appears to be progressing but is slow.  It has managed to gain indictments against three of the minions of the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump and two of those people have plead guilty including Retired General Flynn who is cooperating with the investigation.  But nearly on a daily basis, some person in the Russian Owned Criminal Syndicate of the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump is speaking out about the idea that Mueller can actually  be fired by the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump.  In the event that Mueller should be fired, congress should immediately begin impeachment proceedings but they have shown no support of that action except for a few outspoken, liberal, and patriotic members.  

Nearly every special election in the country since November 2016 has been won by Democrats including in Virginia, New Jersey, and Oklahoma.  It appears that a trend toward rationality and reason may be taking place in the electorate and that is what is terrifying TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump and his Russian Owned Criminal Syndicate.  They know that if the Mueller investigation proceeds to its natural conclusion and the electoral trend continues into the off year congressional elections of 2018, they will all be indicted, prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned for all their crimes.  And that is exactly what must happen if American Democracy is to survive the TRAITOR and International Terrorist Trump.