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Sunday, December 18, 2016

French Toast And Political Activism

Today, December 18, 2016, I made French Toast for breakfast for myself and my wife Candice.  Those of you who have read most of this blog probably know that French Toast is a metaphor for political activism for me.  In the post which is linked in the previous sentence, I tell the story of learning to make French Toast from Don West, one of the most courageous and politically outspoken humans I have ever known.  Candice asked me to make French Toast this morning because she likes my French Toast and wanted some for breakfast, nothing more complicated than that.  But as I was cooking the French Toast, I remembered that tomorrow, December 19, 2016, the US Electoral College is likely to confirm the election of Donald Trump, a career criminal, self confessed sex offender, and likely minion of Russian President Putin, to the White House.  Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by about 2.7 million votes, more than the vote totals of 11 previously elected Presidents.  But by winning Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, Trump won enough electoral votes to be declared the winner.  There has never been a more unqualified human who ever ran for the Presidency. 

Now, just before the Electoral College votes, we have learned that the CIA has stated they have sufficient evidence to state that Russian hacker, under the direction of President Putin, hacked many data bases in the US and successfully influenced the election in favor of Donald Trump.  Trump has nominated Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and Tillerson has numerous direct connections to the Russian regime.  Paul Manafort, a former campaign manager for Trump, was forced to resign before the election because of his proven connections to the Russian regime.  When the CIA announcement became public, Trump stated that he did not believe the CIA.  No potential president could have said anything that could be potentially more damaging to the entire country and it's security apparatuses.  Nearly in the same breath, Trump spoke out against China for seizing a US spy drone and then reversed himself and said that China could keep the drone.  Once again Trump committed a stupid, dangerous, and unjustifiable error which was contrary to the best interests of the US.  Trump is far too stupid, dangerous, and uncaring to be in any public position of trust.  Numerous people have written at length about Trump's degree of danger, psychological instability, probable diagnosis as an Antisocial Personality Disorder.  Psychological expert Sam Vaknin studied more than 600 hours of Donald Trump's public appearances and concluded that Trump is highly dangerous.  The Electoral College could not take an action that could be more dangerous than voting to support Donald Trump as President.  

And that brings me back to French Toast as a metaphor for political activism.  I realized as I was cooking French Toast this morning that I, and every other intelligent citizen of America should work every day, for so long as Donald Trump may be near the White House, to force the government officials such as the Electoral College, the United States Congress, and The Joint Chiefs of Staff to prevent Donald Trump from occupying ((I use the military definition of occupy.)  the White House.  His likely connection to Russia and Putin borders on treason and may well be treasonous. Donald Trump also publicly confessed to sex crimes, has been sued by more than 4,000 innocent victims because he won't pay his bills, was sued and managed to settle or stop a case involving the alleged violent rape of a thirteen year old, payed $25million to settle the Trump University Case, and has more than 75 pending civil suits as we speak. At this time, Senator Mitch McConnell and other members of the Republican congressional leadership are refusing to empower a bipartisan select committee to investigate the Russian hacking despite requests to do so from both Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain to do so.  This refusal is clearly an attempt to sweep the crimes under the rug and allow Trump to assume the presidency.  Donald Trump is unfit to hold any public office. Donald Trump must be held responsible for all his criminal actions, past, present, and future.  Indict, impeach, and imprison Donald Trump! 

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