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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ashley Judd, A Heroine For Kentucky, Appalachia, and America

Ashley Judd Photo by NY Daily News January 21, 2017

On January 21, 2017, Ashley Judd, a native Kentuckian and outspoken member of the Democratic Party appeared at the Women's March On Washington and performed a powerful poetic work by Nina Donovan.  The performance was perfect for the setting and the sentiments of the Women's March.  It did contain graphic images and some language which was considered inappropriate, vulgar, or inflammatory by supporters of Donald Trump.  However, it was not worthy of the virulent and sometimes violent opposition it attracted.  It was timely, well written, professionally presented, and just strongly worded enough to make it a lightning rod for Right Wing Radicals who have been misled into believing that Donald Trump and the ideas he represents are necessary or productive in a country where inclusion, acceptance, and religious tolerance have been capstones of our democracy for many generations.  Let me say at the outset, in case you failed to read the title of this post, I support Ashley Judd strongly and I am immensely proud of her and her work on January 21, 2017, at the Women's March On Washington.  She deserves your respect whether or not you agree with her politically.  She is a proven professional and committed liberal activist whose resume proves her stature as a worker for human rights, world peace, and justice for all.  She is a heroine for our times and should be treated as such.  

Ashley Judd has served as a Goodwill Ambassador For The United Nations Population Fund.  She has spoken out against child marriage, forced marriage, and other abuses of human rights around the world.  She has sought to improve worldwide knowledge of Ebola and improvement of research work to stop the disease.  She considered and eventually decided against running for the US Senate from Kentucky, her native state and the home of her Alma Mater the University of Kentucky.  She would have made a far better senator than her potential opponent, Rand Paul, a Right Wing Radical carpetbagger from Texas.  But I do understand that her decision to run was probably based in part on the fact that she would have faced withering personal attacks by the Republican Party both in Kentucky and on the national stage since she is a national and international celebrity.  In her statement announcing her decision against running, she said that "...politics as usual – and the egregious abuses that have become all too common in the public space – must end".  She was absolutely correct and both Kentucky and the nation need more elected officials who are willing to both make and support such sentiments.  

Every citizen of Kentucky, Appalachia, and the nation should be proud of an American patriot who is willing to speak out, speak up, and take positive actions in support of unpopular but greatly needed changes both at home and world wide.  Whether it was posing for a much discussed calendar in support of the University Of Kentucky Hockey team or fighting Ebola, Ashley Judd has always been willing to take a stand on important issues.  Ashley Judd is a heroine for Kentucky, Appalachia, and America.  Thank you for all you do, Ashley Judd! 

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