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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Independence Day 2017

As we celebrate Independence Day 2017, basic constitutional freedoms in America have been under attack on a daily basis since January 20, 2017, by the TRAITOR Donald Trump and his criminal syndicate.  The most recent attack on basic individual freedoms has come in the thinly veiled disguise of a "Voter Fraud Commission" which is seeking access to every available piece of information about the American electorate in a followup to the Russian hacking of the election of 2016 by Vladimir Putin in order to help install TRAITOR Trump in the White House to benefit Russia. Thankfully, at least 25 state election officers are standing up to this effort and refusing to provide the data. Every such state officer should do the same. If you live in a state which has agreed to send this highly confidential information to a "commission" which is actually a thinly veiled workshop to strip minority and liberal voters of their voting rights, you should immediately contact your state level election data management officers to demand that they refuse to provide this information. Kentucky, California, and Virginia led the way in the refusal and their secretaries of state and other public officials have called the effort from the White House exactly what it is, an effort to gain information in order to suppress votes.  West Virginia's secretary of state has given a half-hearted response by saying "we would never provide social security numbers".  No doubt this issue will play itself out in the federal court system at the same time as the ongoing effort to end TRAITOR Trump's illegal occupation of the White House. With the current mix on the US Supreme Court after the addition of Neal Gorsuch, we cannot be certain how the high court will respond.  

But the effort to gain access to voter information nationwide is only one aspect of a wide ranging, nefarious, oppressive, and suppressive plan by the TRAITOR Trump criminal syndicate to destroy all basic constitutional rights.  The effort is also centered on wide ranging, destructive, and nefarious attacks on the freedom of the press, free speech, and other rights which have been a given in America for the past 200 plus years.  During the Women's March on the day after inauguration day, several legitimate journalists who were doing their job by covering protests against TRAITOR Trump were charged with crimes in federal court.  Journalists were also arrested while covering the Dakota Pipeline protests and you can bet your butt that more such arrests of legitimate journalists will continue unless the indictment, arrest, conviction, impeachment and imprisonment of TRAITOR Trump takes place soon.  His aim is to establish a totalitarian regime in absolute violation of the US Constitution and in support of Vladimir Putin and Russia.  The ongoing congressional investigations are deliberately slowed by the Republican Congress in order to allow them time to damage government agencies, constitutional protections, and individual freedoms to a lesser but debilitating degree.  Deep down, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and the Republican party simply want to get TRAITOR Trump to sit down and shut up long enough for them to do major parts of the damages which are sought by the Russian interests which control TRAITOR Trump.  The Republican congress is gambling that they can control TRAITOR Trump long enough to destroy health care, voter freedoms, reproductive rights, and several dozen federal agencies whose purpose is to confront and control business efforts to totally destroy those rights.

TRAITOR Trump's ongoing war against all legitimate media coverage of his crimes is the heart of the war against the free press.  Every citizen in America should speak out this Independence Day in support of the press and their constitutional guarantee of the right to practice honest journalism.  At the G20 Economic Summit on July 7-8, 2017, TRAITOR Trump has plans to meet with Vladimir Putin in a private meeting in which there is little doubt that Putin will deliver further marching orders for the traitor whom he bought with a the stolen US election of 2016.  Call you elected representatives in congress to demand that congress and the US military leadership prevent this meeting from taking place.  The article at this link discusses the active fear among American professional intelligence officers of the incredibly dangerous and destructive possibilities coming out of any meeting between TRAITOR Trump and Vladimir Putin.

On this Independence Day of 2017, American Democracy is in greater danger than it has been since the Civil War.  Stand up, speak up, and speak out in order to defend American Democracy and individual constitutional rights from the treasonous criminal syndicate which is currently occupying the White House as the result of an American Presidential Election which was stolen by Russian hackers. 

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