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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sins I Will Never Need To Confess

As I watch the slow drip, drip, drip of horrible and treasonous information about the crimes committed before, during, and after the 2016 Presidential Election, I am incredibly thankful that I was always committed to only one candidate, the best candidate, the correct candidate, the one candidate who should be President right now, Hillary Clinton.  I have known dozens of people, some intelligent, some less so, and all gullible and misled who supported the treasonous campaign of the worst traitor the world has ever known, the TRAITOR Trump.  Amazingly, most of those people I knew who supported this career criminal still do to one degree or another.  Many of them still believe, and God only knows how, that he is actually qualified to hold public office.  Many of them still deny his guilt in the worst crime ever committed in the United States, the theft of a presidential election in cooperation with the president of our greatest enemy in the world, Russia.  The level of their denial, gullibility, and naivete is overwhelming.  I also know others who still support the TRAITOR Trump simply because he expresses, approves, and disseminates the prejudices they hold themselves.  But the bottom line is that, as the investigation process goes forward to its only logical conclusions, impeachment and imprisonment of TRAITOR Trump, these hold out supporters will, some day, be held responsible for whatever part, be it small, they played in his rise to the heights of criminal success.  A time will come when even these people have to admit they were wrong and confess to the crimes, sins, misdeeds, and acts of abysmal ignorance they committed in order to support this Russian Owned Criminal Syndicate.  

I will never have to admit to or confess any such crimes except one.  Temporarily, for a short time, I held to the belief that TRAITOR Trump was simply an idiot, an ignoramus, a buffoon who could never be taken seriously by any measurable portion of the American electorate.  I deeply regret that I ever held that belief.  I deeply regret that I was not focused on TRAITOR Trump, the most dangerous element in the presidential race of 2016, and focused my writing, opposition, and public scorn on others far less dangerous than TRAITOR Trump, such as Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and  Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio.  However, let me state clearly long before the election of 2020 that those on that list of names are also far too dangerous to ever be allowed anywhere near the White House.  I have no idea how much I could have done with my writing, speaking, and conversations to prevent the theft of the election of 2016 if I had spoken up sooner.  But if I could have changed one mind and one vote more than I did, it is deeply regrettable. 

But let's get to that list of sins in the title of this blog piece, that list of sins I will never need to confess.

  1. I will never need to confess that I ever supported the TRAITOR Trump in any way, form, or fashion.
  2. I will never have to confess that I have ever believed for even one second that the TRAITOR Trump is capable of holding any public office.
  3. I will never be required to confess that I failed to speak out against the TRAITOR Trump in any situation.  Thank God, I have always had the courage to tell anyone he is a criminal, a traitor, and an idiot.
  4. I will never need to confess that I have believed any of the lies perpetrated by the TRAITOR Trump and his Russian Owned Criminal Syndicate.
  5. I will never be required to admit that I ever doubted TRAITOR Trump's collusion with Vladimir Putin in the theft of the Presidential Election of 2016. 
  6. I will never need to admit that I ever used any term in reference to the TRAITOR Trump that could be interpreted, misinterpreted, construed, or misconstrued to mean or imply that I thought he was the President of The United States.  He is a criminal TRAITOR, nothing more, nothing less, His temporary occupancy in the White House is the greatest criminal act ever perpetrated against the United States Of America. 
  7.  I will absolutely never be required to confess that I believed, for even one minute, that TRAITOR Trump in any way represented the legitimate concerns and interests of American Christians.   I am proud to state that I have avoided any degree of culpability in the seizure of the White House by Russian interests. 
I would strongly implore that if you are one of those misled, naive souls who fell prey to the lies of TRAITOR Trump that you screw up your courage and honestly confess your sins and begin to work for the restoration of democracy to the federal government by the indictment, conviction, impeachment, and imprisonment of TRAITOR Trump and all his allies both in the White House and elsewhere.   Confess your sins, if you ever got suckered into supporting TRAITOR Trump, do your penance, join The Resistance, and fight to see TRAITOR Trump and his entire Russian Owned Criminal Syndicate punished for their ever growing list of treasonous crimes.  

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